Which medical staff works with critically ill patients?

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Which medical staff works with critically ill patients?


Critical care nurse


Registered dietitian

Respiratory therapist

Physical therapist

Occupational therapist


A physician assistant or nurse practitioner

Child Life specialist 

What is a PICC line?

PICC is also known as a peripherally inserted central catheter (Mayo Clinic, 2019). This is a long thin tube inserted through a vein in the arm and passed through to the larger veins near your heart.

 Why is it used on ICU patients? 

It is mainly used on patients with coagulation disorder or patients at high risk of contracting any kind of infection.   ICU patients have already weakened immune systems, and for them, they require a lot of care to ensure that they have maximum care.

Paperless hospitals exist (electronic charting). How well can data-gathering equipment (monitoring) communicate with data storage equipment (computers) and staff?

Seem less communication is important in hospitals. Specifically when relying on information in the emergency departments, which receive a higher volume of patients. For example, the triage process has to be conducted quickly to offer a clear diagnosis and, more importantly, offer the right treatment to all the patients (Hamilton & Hopkins, 2019). The aim of getting to a hospital is to receive the recommended treatment without wasting most of the patient and staff’s time. The aim is to treat as many patients as the hospital is able to withstand harsh conditions such as a pandemic or an epidemic. COVID 19, for example, is a very clear example of where there is a need to have paperless hospitals which do limit contacts between individuals. The transfer of information between one hospital staff can be done safely to guide everyone in coping during such harsh periods. When dealing with infectious diseases, for example, hospital staff will have to take ensure self-care, which can be facilitated by electronic charting. 


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