Waymaker Feedback

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After reviewing the course content of module 1, I understood how Waymaker will help me succeed in the course. The platform provides tools to help me go through the course content while giving me personalized feedback on my progress. In order to succeed in the ENC 1101 course, the first strategy is to show what I already know about the module and the areas I need to focus on. The Waymaker tool has made it easier to discover the areas I need to focus on. All I need to do is complete the Show What You Know pretest, and the tool will show me the areas of the module that are on track and the areas that need more work. Indeed, it is difficult to succeed in the course without first knowing my strengths and weaknesses. Instead of spending more time on what I already know, I would spend more time to discover what I do not know.

The second strategy of success is conducting regular self-check to determine if I am mastering the concepts. Each content module is presented as a Waymaker study plan with a self-check at the end of each tile in the Waymaker tool. Self-checks are also a way of practicing to become a master. In mastery, it is important to understand the foundational concepts before moving on to the next topic. The advantage of the self-check questions is that I can answer them as many times as possible. It implies that I can go back and study a concept I didn’t understand well and come back to self-check again. The best thing is that Waymaker provides immediate feedback on the self-check test. That allows me to immediately notice the areas I did not understand, retackle those areas, and save time to cover the remaining course content. Successfully passing the self-checks will also help me attain high grades on the quizzes.

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