The McDonaldization of society

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Some nouns can be used as verbs in a sentence. Below are three sentences illustrating such nouns:

  1. Book:

Noun: The girl is reading a book.

Verb: The boys book a flight.

  • Watch:

Noun: It was an invaluable watch she wore.

Verb: Jane and Jill’s watch for the birds was unsatisfactory.

  • Guide:

Noun: The foreigner needed a guide through the city.

Verb: You require a teacher to guide you through the system.


McDonaldization is a verb that comes from the brand name McDonald’s Corporation. McDonald’s Corporation, commonly referred to as McDonald’s, is a fast-food restaurant in America that began in 1955. It has grown to be the largest in the world that is known for its hamburgers. Sociologist George Ritzer first used McDonaldization in 1993 in his book The McDonaldization of Society. McDonaldization grew as a result of the company’s size and how its brand had been recognized. Ritzer used this popularity to associate how the company ran its business and the practices of society. Application usage can be in education where the world adapts Western forms and practices in education as their own, similar to language and dressing.

Discussion Number 4

The eight parts of a speech include nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Having the ability to identify the eight parts of speech allows individuals to understand how words can and should be used together to form coherent sentences that are grammatically correct and readable. This knowledge equally helps understand how to punctuate sentences to meet the targeted audience and relay meaning correctly. This factor is essential in the workplace, especially during interviews and panel hearings. This knowledge will further allow individuals to express themselves in terms of emotions by using interjections, especially in personal interactions and communications.

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