Terrorism and Emergency Management

Terrorism and Emergency Management

The quest into the relevance of political violence and terrorism on achieving political, economic, and social goals as the most acceptable form of action is an excellent topic of discussion among intellectuals. These groups of people engage in violent activities to achieve a course like altering the asymmetrical power balance. However, when not controlled, they result in restraints, property destruction, and loss of human life. Therefore, political violence and terrorism should not be justified owing to their detrimental impacts on the economy and human lives.

Over the past few years, terrorism has become a core form of violent political action and a tool used in achieving political objectives. However, counterterrorism and academic experts argue that the use of violence for political reasons should be dealt with by evaluating the consequences of their actions (Emin, 2016). Attempts to legitimize terror activities may result in sponsorship of terrorism, resulting in negative economic impacts. The use of violence results in self-sanctions, restraints, and in extreme cases, loss of human life. The scope and intensity of justification directly affect the magnitude of political violence.

Utilitarian justification enhances the potential, intensity, and frequency of terrorism and political violence. Besides the emotional incentives, violent activities seek to alter the asymmetrical power balance and coercive psychological balance (Emin, 2016). Utilitarian ideology is based on the assumption that violence has been used to make key decisions in the past. However, this creates an atmosphere of social tension and polarization, which negatively impacts the economy. Deliberate attacks on civilians during the Second World War were acts of terrorism as they sought to instill fear among the people. Terrorism and political violence cannot be justified as a means of achieving a given object. Utilitarians assert that past societies used violence as a means of making crucial decisions. These actions have negative impacts on innocent civilians.


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