What the Word “Custom” Means to Us

The reasons that we emphasize the term “custom” is that it is critical when students decide to use a term paper help online to meet some of their coursework obligations. They want to know that the term paper or essay they will receive will be original and unique, crafted only for them, not some pre-written and pre-sold piece that doesn’t fit all of their requirements and that will never pass a plagiarism scan. So, when we guarantee custom paper writing, here is what we mean:

  • No work is begun on a paper or any other ordered piece of writing until it has been ordered by a customer. Each of our term paper writers receives assignments according to his/her qualifications to complete them and only begins on them AFTER they have been assigned. This is how we are able to guarantee that our term paper writing results in a unique and fully original piece, each and every time.
  • The term “custom” also means that each client is required to give us every detail of the assignment. We do not just want to know topic and length. We need to know your grade level, the resources you need, every little specific that has come from your instructor or professor, and even samples of your own writing, if you want your style emulated. We leave nothing to chance here – custom term paper writing services at Smart Paper Helps will provide you with a perfect piece of writing that will meet every expectation and requirement you have been given.
  • We do not allow a piece of writing to be delivered to a client until it has been reviewed and approved by our editing department. A professional editor will compare the final product with your instructions; s/he will make certain that the resources used are legitimate and comprise the number that you designated; the formatting will be carefully checked. And then an English expert will read the entire work to make sure that it is academically sound and properly composed – there will be no grammar or mechanical errors. We give you the best help writing a term paper, because successful results matter.

We Know You Have Options

We realize that there are thousands of term paper writing services all over the web from which you can choose. You can easily buy term papers online. What we also know, which you may not know, is that the majority of them are pretty inferior, using amateur writers, often foreign natives, who do not have the degrees and academic backgrounds that our writers have. They cannot possible produce the quality that you need for the grades you want in your courses.

We also know that they are on a very “lean and mean” budget. They pay their writers poorly and they do not have a customer support department to respond to questions and concerns. This is how they get by with such cheap prices for their essays and papers. So, we ask that you think logically about this. Will you really get a high quality term paper for $6 – $7? Do you feel like you still want to order term papers from them? In this industry, like any other, you will get exactly what you pay for!

The Additional Benefits You Receive From Us

We hope that you will also compare our benefits with those of other writing services:

  1. We want your satisfaction and your continued business. To ensure this, we insist upon your satisfaction with any written work we deliver to you. If you are not satisfied, you simply let us know that is wrong, and we will revise it immediately.
  2. We are a confidential service, and we protect your privacy as much as your doctor or attorney would. Never will anyone else know that you have used our writing services, unless you choose to disclose that fact.
  3. We have a great discount policy to offset our somewhat higher prices. Just as a new customer, even, you will receive a “welcome” discount of 15%. And loyal customers who use us regularly are also eligible for great discounts.
  4. We offer free pages that other services do not. You will not pay for a title page, a bibliography page, or an outline.
  5. We have a no-plagiarism guarantee for all of our writing. We scan all projects before they are released for delivery, and any scan software that you use will result in a clean report – guaranteed!

We know that we are the best term paper writing service in this business. You will know it too as soon as you take receipt of your first paper from us – order term paper right here and right now!