Post-implementation Review and Evaluation of Informations Systems

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Symeonaki et al., (2016) has termed user satisfaction as an integral aspect of post-implementation evaluation as it affects the success of information systems to a notable extent. In Post 1, the suggested utilization of a user satisfaction survey stands out, especially in determining whether the users are satisfied with the implemented requirements and what areas need to be addressed and how. Symeonaki et al., (2016) has termed excellent documentation as critical in noting changes, quality, and the success of an implementation. As stated in Post 1, the documentation area will require a comparison in documents as a way of enhancing continuous evaluation. Training is also essential during the beginning of a project as it affects the quality of the output, outcomes, and impacts (Bingham & Davies, 1992). This means extensive and intense training should be done before beginning a project then followed up to its completion. A missed step in training means that something will miss in the final product, hence negative reviews from users.

Post 2 Response

Post 2 focuses on acquiring feedback from users through a departmental procedure. While this method would be excellent in acquiring overall feedback regarding the implementation, Bingham & Davies (1992) suggest narrowing down to include the direct users’ feedback for accuracy regarding the implementation’s satisfactory level. The IT team’s performance has been regarded as integral in post-implementation evaluation by Symeonaki et al., (2016). It allows transparency and accountability. This part, as addressed by Post 2, will foster teamwork and collaboration if executed well. No project will be successfully completed without accurately estimating the cost-benefit. Post 2 excellently explains this by suggesting the breaking down of the projects into stages and allocating the money evenly depending on the urgency of the situation.


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