Okeechobee Reform School

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Okeechobee Reform School

In People v. Turner, a juvenile had been removed from his home because his parents claimed they could not take care of him. This made people perceive him as a social outsider who should be taken to a reform school. The juvenile had not committed any crimes, and therefore, the case released him back to his father. In Okeechobee Reform School article, stories of juveniles who were tortured for crimes they allegedly committed are explained. According to these juveniles, the restrictions were unfitting and illegal. These punishments affected them years into adulthood with their experiences being portrayed through mental anguish, drug addiction, and broken relationships.

Legal Cases against Reform Schools

Legal cases that rise to the Supreme Court level are considered important and affect the legal perception of the social norm at the time, and the effects may well be felt through the future. Such cases set a precedent for the lower courts regarding the legal status of the matter at hand. These cases led to the evolution of the juvenile justice system, rights of the children together with the attachments of the people in legal matters, especially parents.  

The O’Connell Case

The juvenile system in America is responsible for rehabilitating young people who have been found guilty and thus convicted by the criminal justice system. The intervention to help such young people should come from various agencies such as the police, the court, and staff who are present in the respective correctional facilities. To address the issue presented in the two cases, an independent body should be designed in every rehabilitation center to investigate the reasons behind a juvenile conviction before enrolling one in the schools.

Current Juvenile Justice System These cases have allowed the juvenile justice system to be more cautious of the children’s rights in terms of ensuring  their safety and liberty. Children are no longer being convicted due to misfortune such as destitution of proper parental care, idleness, and ignorance. The convictions are due to crimes committed. They have rights and need to familiarize themselves with the nature of allegations and public trial processes with an impartial ju

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