Multiple-Choice Question Tests (Timed or Un-Timed)

Those multiple-choice tests keep appearing on your course portals, and you have to take them, no matter how much anxiety they cause. Some students just do not do well on objective tests, and, if you continue to do poorly even though you believe you know the content, then you probably are one of these students. The problem is, of course, that your poor grades on these tests are ruining your grade averages in these classes, and yet this seems to be the preferred method of testing on the part of your instructors. It is the preferred method because they are automatically graded as taken, and your instructor does not have to grade them him/herself.

You Can Get Help has content experts who are prepared to take these multiple choice question tests that are so anxiety-producing for you. No matter what the subject, we can propide you with someone who will get a great grade on that test.

The Process

You should have been given the time frames for the tests that you must take when you got your course syllabi at the beginning of the semester. Check the dates, and decide which tests you want one of our experts to take for you. Once you have made these decisions, you simply do the following:

  1. Complete the order form on our site for each test you want taken.
  2. On that order form, be sure that you include the content to be covered on the test, your grade level, and, if available, the text book that is being used in your course.
  3. Provide the time frame within which each test must be taken
  4. Be certain to include whether the test is timed or untimed. This makes a difference in your price.
  5. The final detail will be your login information for each course portal for which you want a test taken.

We will assign the perfect content expert for each of your tests. The test will be taken within the require time frame, and you will be notified when the test has been completed. You can then access your portal and see your terrific grade – done and done!

Don’t suffer through these tests anymore. Let us take that “off your plate.”