Mental Health Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Mental Health

Every individual has a right to life that’s enshrined in the bill of rights and Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, the client has a right not to take his own life as suicide is classified as a crime. Therefore, it is up to the counselor to help the client protect his life by whatever means necessary. If a client shows a dereliction towards committing suicide, the attending psychiatrist is bound by law to contact law enforcement in order to help prevent it.

By committing suicide, an individual infringes on the rights of his family members unknowingly. For instance, upon notification of the suicide, a family member can be affected negatively by the news that they fall into depression and might be suicidal. The family members may experience guilt, grief, self-doubt, anger, and even shock. All these reactions are normal but can be fatal if the individual’s mental health is weak. As such, suicide may end up infringing on the right to life of the client’s family.

Mental health examination makes me feel nervous, but I understand that its vital to be sure of your mental state. Owing to the pressures of life, one can easily fall into a rut and find themselves in a ‘dark place’ that threatens their mental stability. Getting oneself out of such situations is very difficult and may require the help of a certified professional. Mental health examinations may, at most times, seem invasive, but they help one come to terms with the problems they face. As a human being, you have the right to life, and people around you depend on your mental well-being to be also of sound mind.

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