Mental Health Professionals

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Initial Post

The most significant thing I learned about mental health professionals is that they need appropriate education, training, and licensure to practice in their respective fields effectively. The education level of a mental health professional determines their compensation. For instance, a psychologist with a Masters will not receive the same compensation as one with a Doctorate. Third, additional skills are vital to allow mental health professionals to perform competitively in their field. For instance, communication and critical thinking skills are pertinent in facilitating positive and professional interactions between mental health professionals and their clients. What I learned about myself is that I desire to specialize in a field I am passionate about in addition to having good compensation. I aspire to work as a social worker and interact with individuals, groups, and communities. I plan to have a Doctorate and improve my skills and knowledge in diversity concerns, ethics, and communication.


Reply 1

I like that you aspire to achieve the highest education level in the field of mental health. Having a Doctorate places you at an advantage of getting the best job positions and a high salary. Have you thought about where your passion lies amongst the different fields in mental health? Realizing where your passion lies could provide a positive step towards clarifying some uncertainties. I would love to learn more about the different levels of this degree. So far, I only know the Master, Doctorate, and Bachelors levels. You mention that the training and compensation vary among the different professions in mental health. Would you consider the financial compensation or your passion when choosing a field for specialization as more important?

Reply 2

I concur with your sentiments about how ‘comparing mental health professionals’ was informative. The document presented the many possibilities that lie ahead and the various paths we can decide to take. Do you think the differences in salaries are based on the training required or the job description? For instance, the job requirements for a psychiatric nurse and a social worker could be more hectic than that of a school counselor. I believe you have made an excellent choice to pursue a Doctorate in Mental Health as a counselor. Moreover, learning about the curriculum of this profession earlier on will prepare your expectations in terms of the training and courses to be completed. I plan to implement your idea to learn more about my curriculum in social work.

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