Medicare, Medicaid, and HIPPA Response Paper

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Response 1

There are some similarities between Daniel’s work and mine. Both of us highlight the role of the Health Insurance Portability (HIPPA) in providing patients with data protection. As such, their medical records are safe from unscrupulous insurance companies who may want to use the information without consent. Additionally, both of us noted that some of the benefits that HIPPA offers such as improved efficiency and streamlined health services. There is one contrast regarding HIPPA between my work and Daniel’s. Daniel did well to note that HIPPA faces a challenge to continually improve healthcare while minimizing costs.

There are also some contrasts between your work and mine regarding Medicaid and Medicare. You did well to highlight how doctors limit the number of patients they can see on Medicare. Conversely, I was able to highlight that the number of workers funding the insurance provider is shrinking while retirees are increasing. Overall, I believe both of our works were complimentary.

Peer Response 2

I was really impressed with your writing regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and HIPPA based on how well it was organized with the challenges and benefits for every option provided. On Medicaid, we both highlighted that it was an insurance provider for low-income earners. The difference we shared was that you highlighted well how it works based on a partnership between the state and federal governments. On the challenges I highlighted the payment risk challenges that Medicaid faces while you highlighted the legislative challenges which the states introduced by not expanding the program.  

On Medicare, both of us noted that it serves as an insurer for senior citizens above the age of 65 years. One difference was noted on the services they offered. You highlighted services offered such as therapeutic s, medical, physician, outpatient, inpatient, diagnostic services. Conversely, I highlighted the different options Medicare offered people based on their needs. They include options A, B, C, and D with C being the most popular and beneficial. On the challenges, you noted that some beneficiaries do not receive help from Medicare while I noted that the number of workers contributing to the policy is shrinking while retirees are increasing. Overall, both of our works were complimentary.

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