In-Class Rawls Group Work

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In his works, Rawls introduces the principle of justice through an artificial mechanism known as the ‘original position’. In the original position, there is a ‘veil of ignorance’ prevents people from coming up with rules that are likely to give them an advantage (Buchanan 175). Rawls further posits that the veil in use ensures that all citizens of the soon to be society are unlikely to privilege any social class but would rather come up with a pattern of justice that treats all people fairly.

In my group, the concept of justice would be based on two facets. For major social goods such as water and food, all people will receive fair rations that are commensurate to their needs. Even in times of drought, no individual would have more than what they need. By doing so, the society will remain peaceful and avoid chaos caused by inequalities. Unequal distribution may also be used in cases where it is fair for everyone involved. A lottery system may work well with the just savings principle. A lottery is a form of unequal distribution which provides people with an equal opportunity to acquiring social goods which they are not privy to beforehand.

The lottery system will involve the neediest in the first round. Due to the scarcity surrounding the social goods in question, the lottery will allow everyone an equal chance of benefiting without favoritism. In the new society, no member can claim to have luck on their side thereby making the lottery a good control mechanism under the just savings principle. The lottery, just like the citizens of the new society will be free from any form of corruption that is likely to benefit one party over the other.

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