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Essays Come in all “Shapes and Sizes”

We understand that essay assignments are common in almost every course in which a student is enrolled. For this reason, we have amassed a large team of professional writers from every content field imaginable – writers who have a great deal of experience writing all types of essays in the fields of their degrees. We are thus able to give you the essay help you seek!

  • Expository Essays: These are assigned when you are asked to explain something – usually an idea. You will need to investigate the idea or concept (this may take some research) and write a piece that is thoughtful, factual, and reflective of excellent grammar and composition. If you need help with essay of this type just provide the topic and your academic level, and we will get it right over to a qualified writer.
  • Literary Analysis Essays: These will obviously only be assigned in a literature course, and you may be given a variety of topics – character analysis, theme(s), author purpose, etc. We have literature experts with Bachelor’s through Ph.D. degrees to help at any level.
  • Descriptive Essays: You may be asked to write a descriptive essay in an English comp class, but they also pop up in other coursework as well. In a psychology class, for example, you may be required to write a descriptive essay that provides the common characteristics of a specific mental illness; in biology, chemistry, or political science, you may be asked to describe some type of process. These essays require careful organizational structure, so if you need an essay helper to either write or edit them, we are your source!
  • Persuasive and Argumentative Essays: You will have to take a position on an issue and defend it. Usually, research will be required, so that you have sufficient factual data to support your opinion. If you don’t have time for that research, we have a writer who does. Just give us your topic and position, and we do the rest!
  • Comparison/Contrast Essays: Again, organization of your points may be the issue in these types of essay, and they may appear in virtually any subject. If you need help with writing essays of this nature, just give us the topic and your grade level, and we’ll have a writer “on it” immediately.
  • Response/Reaction Essays: You may have to read or view something that relates to your coursework and then write an essay that analyzes and responds to what the author or speaker has put forth. Depending on the topic, we will assign the perfect expert to craft such an essay.
  • The Definition Essay: You will be assigned these essay types when there is a need to define an abstract concept – justice, mental health, research or business ethics, and so forth. Providing all of the components of such a definition can be tricky, but not for our pros. If you need help with writing an essay of this type, we have your solution.
  • Admissions/Scholarship Essays: You need to produce a highly engaging and creative piece of writing for the decision makers in these instances, and you cannot afford even one grammatical error! Let one of our creative writers give the help with writing essays of this variety that will ensure you have a piece of writing that will be memorable!

How You Get the Help You Need

We need to know a number of things, and you will provide them when you complete the order form on our site – your topic and purpose, the required length, your schooling level, your deadline, and any other specific requirements that have been given to you by your instructor or professor. Having this information, we are then able to assign the writer with the degree and writing experience to provide you perfect help with essay writing.

We want you to be involved in the process of your essay production, and that is why we have a system in place for you to communicate directly with your writer. This is how you get exactly what you want and how your writer is able to clarify all of the details. Buying college papers has never been easier before!

When your essay is completed, we double-check it for content, structure, adherence to your specifications, and plagiarism. It doesn’t come to you until we are sure it is perfect!

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