We Communicate

Trust is built in part by open communication between customers and company personnel. When you decide to take a chance on our research paper service, we begin that communication in several ways.

You fill out an order form and submit it. We immediately confirm your order by email and let you know that we will contact you again as soon as we have found the best qualified writer for the project. We also give you an account page that you can use for messaging with that writer. Buying a research paper for college has never been easier.

We contact you again as soon as your writer has been assigned, so that you can go to your account page and say hello.

You writer will message you if s/he has any additional questions or if clarification of any of your instructions are needed. We want you to know that an actual researcher/writer is actively working on your research paper.

We have a 24-hour customer help desk, and we urge to contact us with any worries, questions, or for help with an order.

We let you know as soon as your order has been completed and has passed through our quality control department.

If your final draft does not meet every single expectation, we want to know right away, so that we can fix whatever needs fixing.

We are Transparent

One of the things that makes us the best at research paper writing – one that students can trust – is that we do not hide behind “hidden” policies, practices, and fees. We have published policies that address all of the following:

Protection of customer privacy

Plagiarism-free writing

Guaranteed Revisions

Terms and Conditions of all of our operations and everyone’s obligations in our relationships with customers

Security and safety during use of our website

Standards of quality and customer service

We Employ Professional and Highly Qualified Writers

No one writes for us without a verified degree – Bachelor’s for high school writing; master’s for undergraduate level writing; and Ph.D. for graduate level writing.

No one writes for us who is not a native English speaking professional with years of academic writing background. A research paper writer for us must have impeccable English grammar and composition skills, and s/he takes a test to prove it!

No one engages in research paper writing on a topic without a degree that covers that topic area. Thus if you buy a research paper for college from us you can be sure that it will be performed on the highest level.

We Review all Writing before Delivery

Part of being a custom research paper writing service means that every written piece must meet customer specifications and our high expectations for high quality writing. To this end, we have a department of quality control pros who go through all completed writing to check for all of these things, as well to run a software scan for plagiarism.

We Ask for Feedback

Any paper writing service that wants to build trust with its customers will always ask for feedback on its quality and service. Every time a student receives a fulfilled order, we ask for him/her to comment on every facet of the experience. We want to know what we do well and what we can do to improve ourselves.

We Want Long-Term Relationships

When a student first comes to SmartPaperHelps.com and says, “Write my academic paper,” we begin our relationship with a new customer discount, just to say thank you for placing trust in us. We then go about providing all of the great services that make us so good at what we do and delivering to that student the very best writing to be found anywhere. There are no free college research papers if we talk about quality of work.

Because we do this over and over again, students return to say, “Write my academic paper for me,” again and again. We never let them down.

We do not engage in a lot of online marketing, because we build our business by repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations, one student to another. While other companies are spending time advertising all over the place, we are quietly living up to the expectations our customers have for quality and service. They advise their friends to buy college research papers from us because they receive good research papers. When others fall by the sidelines, we will still be standing, because we do it right!