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Help Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Information about Our Company

What type of writing services do you provide?

We offer any type of academic writing for students from high school through all graduate programs; additionally we provide business, e-commerce and career writing.

How and when did this company start?

We started out providing writing for high school and college students a number of years ago. We continued to expand over the years to offer all of the diverse writing services that we do today. We have expanded slowly, because we will never offer any type of research or writing unless we have the professionals who are qualified to produce it.

What qualifications do your writer have?

We only employ degreed writers with writing experience in their degree fields. Their degrees range from Bachelor’s through Ph.D.’s, and they are given projects based upon their backgrounds.

The Process for Ordering and Receiving Writing Products

How do I order something?

The most common method is to complete the order form on our site. It will ask for a lot of detail that you will need to provide so that we are able to assign the appropriate writer and to give you exactly what you want. If you have any problems or issues with the ordering process, our customer support reps will help you.

Once an order is placed, how does it get processed and completed?

  • We will contact you by email to confirm the details of your order
  • We analyze your order and assign it correctly
  • You receive a personal account portal on our website. You can access it any time to speak with your writer or to check on progress. You should check it often, because your writer may have more questions of you too. And when your final product is ready, it will be uploaded onto your account page for download.
  • When your writer has finished the order, it goes to our editing department for review. They check it for resource authenticity, sound and scholarly writing, adherence to your instructions, and for plagiarism. When it passes inspection, it is uploaded to your account.
  • You get an email telling you that your product is ready.
  • You download the final draft and review it. If you like what you see, just click “approve” and it is ready to be saved to your own device. If you want revisions, click that request button and let us know what you want. Your writer will keep revising until you are happy!
  • Once you take possession, the document belongs to you and it is removed from our system.

How do I make payments?

We function just like all other online retailers. You can use a debit or credit card, PayPal, wire transfer or e-check. Your cost is calculated automatically as you fill in the details of the order form, and then you add the order to your cart. When you are ready you check out, you pay just as you would for any other online purchase. A third-party secure processor finalizes your purchase and we never have your financial information.

What if I am unhappy with the final product?

You tell us what you want revised, and it is done. We will continue to revise your order until you are satisfied.

Student FAQ’s

Do you sell used papers or do you actually write them?

All of our writing is composed from scratch by qualified writers. You will know this because you will actually communicate with your personal writer. Everything is fully customized according to your instructions, and it is checked for plagiarism before you receive it. We never sell recycled works!

Can you accept orders on any topic?

Yes, we absolutely can. We have a full team of writers with undergraduate and graduate degrees, covering all academic disciplines. And our writers produce everything from basic essays to doctoral dissertations. We will always have a writer to match your need.

What kinds of writing do you do for graduate students?

Anything – all research and writing papers and projects, including theses and dissertations.

I am required to turn in a plagiarism scan report with every assignment. Will writing you do for me pass that?

Yes, it will. We use TurnItIn to check all writing before sending it out to a customer. You will find nothing plagiarized no matter what software you may be using.

How do I know that a real person is actually writing my paper?

You and your writer will speak directly. You can contact him/her at any time, and s/he will contact you too, if there is any need for clarification.

Will you protect my identity?

Absolutely! Your identity and contact information is encrypted, and you are given an ID number. We never allow any outside person or entity access to our customer information.

If I am not happy with my paper, what will you do?

We’ll revise and re-write it, of course. All of our customers can request revisions, and we are happy to make them! Just tell us what you need changed!

If I have a problem, who do I speak to?

You may speak to your writer or you may contact customer support. We stay open around the clock, so there will always be someone available to help you.

FAQs related to Career, Business, and E-Commerce Writing

Can you do any kind of business writing?

Yes, we have degreed professionals for this type of writing – plans, strategic plans, reports, presentation, news stories and press releases, manuals, e-guides, marketing materials, etc.

How about resumes and cover letters?

Yes. We have a great team of designers and writers for resumes, CV’s, and customized cover letters. Each one will be crafted to match the organization/company to which you are applying, after your writer has thoroughly researched that organization or company.

Can you write grants?

Yes, we can. Send us the requirements of the institution or organization, all of your details, and you will get a perfectly written grant proposal.

If I need my research written up for professional publication, do you have Ph.D.’s in all departments who can do this?

Yes, we have those Ph.D.’s and they have written many articles of this type.

Do you design websites?

We do website design and many other types of writing for e-commerce entrepreneurs. In general, we offer the following:

  • Design or re-design of websites
  • All text and content for sites, including graphics and media
  • Set up and maintenance of business blogs
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Website and product reviews
  • Content marketing
  • News articles and press releases
  • Profiles for all social media sites
  • Email marketing campaigns, including newsletters
  • E-books/guides • Re-purposing content in other formats
  • Design changes to ensure compatibility with all mobile devices

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